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Road transport

The international road transport is the principal activity of our Company and is concentrated above all on road trucking (fully loaded trucks) on territory of West/and Central Europe. We are specialized in road transport from Czech Republic to Great Britain, Germany, to countries of Benelux, Denmark, Italy and Hungary. The car fleet of our Company consists of 45 truck sets with semitrailers and trailers; into a space from 4,5 cbm to 120 cbm is possible to load goods from 1 till 25 tons. The car fleet of our Company also disposes of two-storied semitrailers equiped with tilts, further on of sets with large capacity and low tonnage. The level of our car fleet is very high and is continuously renewed and modernized. Our car fleet corresponds to pretencious ecologic and road safety norms valid in European countriesmin the international transports.

All road transports are accomplished by very experienced professional drivers which are trained all the time. Each driver is obliged to be contacted daily (24 hours), using a cellphone, with an experienced center for long-distance control. Thank this measure is possible to react quickly on various changements or stimulations raised by our customers. Practically all our trucks are equiped with a satellite watching system. Futher on, our Company is able to carry out the passenger transport and express transport of piece shipments to all States of the Central and West Europe too. Our automobile fleet is composed of these automobiles: Audi A8, Skoda Superb, Skoda octavia, Scout, Ford Tranzit. All transported goods are insured against a possible theft, damage or wreck. The insurance money is arranged for the territory of Europe, namely till an ammount of 10 millions CZK (350 000,- EUR) for each shipment. All transports of goods are carried out by a metod called "Just in time". The mentioned metod consists in choice of an optimum route with regard to the nature of transported goods.

Customs and stock services

The Company substitutes - directly or indirectly all our clients on the customs operations

Our Company issues and disposes certificates of the EUR origine of goods. We also issue the transit certificates in the NCTS system

Consulting (customs norms in the countries - members of EU)

Spacious stock rooms

Stock area : about 4000 m2

The stock rooms are covered, with optimum stock temperature

All-day active and passive safety service; distribution of goods from customs office and usual stock to the final recipient

Motor - cars service

Repairs of trucks

Our service for motor-cars is ensured by means of modern apparatusses and equipment. We primarily are engaged in repairs of trucks and their accessories.

Other service activities

Service for busses, repairs of electro-installations and air-condition, repairs of independent heating, tinsmith and coachwork works.

Bus road transport

Our Company disposes of seven modern busses (Karosa and SOR) for the interrior bus lines. These busses are divided in two categories : inter-city busses and excursion busses.